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袋裝易極薄荷糖 (薄荷檸檬)
Eclipse Chewy Mints -Minty Lemon Flavour
45g x20包/盒
20x45g | Packages/900g

袋裝易極薄荷糖 (薄荷檸檬)

  • ECLIPSE CHEWY MINTS - MINTY LEMON FLAVOUR MADE IN CHINA BY MARS WRIGLEY CONFECTIONERY (CHINA) LTD. NO.8 INGREDIENTS: SUGAR, GLUCOSE SYRUP, PALM OIL , ACIDITY RESULATOR (E296, E330, E331), DEXTRIN, MODIFIED STARCH, FLAVOUR. GLAZING AGENT E903,COLOUR (E171, E102) NET WEIGHT:45g Nutrition Information Serving Size:2g Servings Per Package: Approx. 23|Per Serving Energy | 8kcal Protein | 0g Total fat | 0.1g -Saturated fat|0.1g - Trans fat | 0g Total carbohydrates - Dietary fibre|0g - Sugars|1.8g Sodium|1mg Best Before : Shown on Package (D/M/Y) 此日期前最佳:示於包裝盒上(日/月/年)
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